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Come Together Event

June 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Perfecting my talent and business is something I absolutely love to do. Nothing makes me more proud than nailing a shot, making new friends and learning more about my passion that I also get to call my job! As I embarked on a new adventure, I wanted to share a little bit about my experience with all of you.

On Wednesday, I took an almost 3 hour drive to West Chester, PA to meet my photographer friend, Grace Darnell of Right Start Photography. She's amazing, and I mean amazing, like if you haven't heard of her, you need to go look up her now. Wednesday we ventured out to Arlington, VA and made a few much needed pit stops.  

Thursday evening was the day of the Come Together Event hosted by Amy and Jordan Demos and Katelyn James. I was fan-girling hard, let me tell ya. These three are the epitome of people I look up to in the photography industry. They so graciously gave their time to come together and teach us about different techniques with social media. It was not only a time for learning, but a time for mingling with other photographers. I cherish these moments. These are moments that I will look back on and smile. Amy, Jordan and Katelyn, not only opened my eyes to different business techniques but also helped me in my journey with my faith in this business. This job, is not just a job for me and many others like Katelyn and Amy & Jordan. It is about creating a relationship with our clients and that has become so important. I strive to make every one of my clients feel important and loved. 

Check out some of the fun images from this weekends trip! P.S. These were taken with my iPhone so ignore the little oopsies and bumps from my phone camera.  




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